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Tom Papakalodoukas, Florida Man, Wins Walmart Lawsuit After Fall Causes 'Popeye Deformity'

Tom Papakalodoukas of Port St. Lucie, Fla., has won almost $1.3 million from Walmart after slipping on a sign that fell from a Gatorade display in 2011, WPBF reports. 


This is one of the more costly cases in a long line of slip-and-fall lawsuits against Walmart. Within the last year, both an Oklahoma man and a Texas woman sued Walmart when they slipped on wet floors in separate incidents. In 2011, Wyoming truck driver Holly Averyt was awarded $10 million after she underwent three spine surgeries to repair injuries suffered from slipping on ice and grease during a delivery at a Colorado Walmart.

Perhaps even more gruesome than Averyt and Papakalodoukas’s injuries, however, is the story of Kathleen Werst of Acton, Mass. Her finger was stripped of both skin and muscle in an injury known as “degloving” when she fell with her ring got caught in Walmart shelves, The Telegraph reports.