All the weirdness, all in one place. What is it about Walmart that brings out the weirdness in people?
Sometimes funny, sometimes sad. Always weird.

White Father Allegedly Suspected Of Kidnapping Biracial Daughters

Women fill Walmart bags with goods they didn't pay for


So there was this employee at Walmart who was wearing a superman cap
And he was going around asking if anybody needed help
I didn’t get to see his name tag but appreciation to superman employee

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Man charged with secret peeping at Asheboro Walmart

Woman charged with Walmart robbery after calling police about assault

Lindsey Rae Jones, 31, was arrested after she called police to report she had been assaulted at Walmart. A store employee reported a different narrative to police.

An employee told police she saw Jones leave the store without paying for several items. Jones began to fight the employee and bit her on the shoulder before running out of the store, according to the report.

Walmart pop heist gets Saginaw Township man three years in prison for unarmed robbery

Saginaw Township Police Detective Scott Jackson, who works for the Saginaw County Auto Theft Team, has said Furlo packed a shopping cart with 2 liters and pushed the cart near the store’s exit. He then purchased two or three 2 liters and placed those on top of the rest of bottles and exited the store, pushing the cart to a vehicle waiting outside for him, Jackson said.

Furlo then came back into the store, packed another cart full of 2 liters, and again pushed it near the exit, Jackson said. As he went to again purchase a couple of the 2 liters, the store’s loss prevention staff stopped him, Jackson said.

Man Uses Giant Pet Food Bags To Steal Laptops From Walmart


‘MURICA!! At its finest. Beer tanks at Walmart.
Found this little gem today at my local walmart.


‘MURICA!! At its finest. Beer tanks at Walmart.

Found this little gem today at my local walmart.

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